Product Details:

The LAW-ANR MIMO is a rugged, sealed, tactical SDR (Software Defined Radio) providing wireless networking capability using the existing WIN-T Inc 2 LAW waveform.

The LAW-ANR MIMO provides the operational capabilities:

  • A high throughput, low latency wireless network for vehicle-to-vehicle, air-to-ground, and backhaul operational needs
  • Supports backward interoperability with the existing Aeronix LAW / Tactical 802.16 product family
  • Supports forward interoperability with Aeronix emerging Android handheld tablets and EDL small form factor UAV/SUGV radios
  • TRANSEC and data encryption through AES algorithm with 256 bit key
  • Improved operation in high multi-path urban environments due to combined ACM modulation management and automated TX/RX attenuation
  • Improved voice quality due to QoS support for voice prioritization across the enterprise network
  • Improved operation in noisy environments
  • Flexible platform integration capability
  • System includes wireless radio, 2W power amplifier, OMNI antenna

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