Rugged Ethernet Products

Aeronix is a world-wide leader in Rugged Gigabit Ethernet Switching and Routing equipment with thousands of units fielded in multiple military and commercial aircraft and ground vehicles.  If Aeronix doesn’t have an off the shelf solution for your application, we have the skills and experience necessary to customize a solution to meet even the toughest requirements.


Gigabit Ethernet Routers

Aeronix Ethernet Routers are designed for use in the harshest military environments, where they provide Ethernet Routing capabilities for systems containing up to Twenty 1 Gbps ports plus Three 10 Gbps ports, all in one compact package.  We will gladly discuss customized...

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Gigabit Ethernet Switches

Aeronix Rugged Ethernet Switch products are hosted on over 50 different airborne and ground platforms for both military and commercial applications.  Aeronix has delivered thousands of units to our extremely satified customers.   The Switches typically consist of up to 12 1 Gbp...

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Special Ethernet Applications

Aeronix specializes in meeting unique customer requirements.  As part of this effort we have multiple specialized Ethernet Switch and Router products, and we are continualy working to expand our offerings.  These products are used by our customers to make their systems as...

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