Electronic System Design, Development, and Test

Depending on the specific needs of our customers, we contract custom engineering services individually, as a subset, or as a complete design/development effort. From concept to requirements development to design, Aeronix has the expertise to turn ideas into functioning systems.

SYSTEM DESIGN Systems design and design preparation set the stage for successful product development. For 30+ years, Aeronix successfully supported customer design efforts.

Whitepapers – Leading-edge design requires an awareness of the prevailing business climate, and intimate knowledge of currently available products and engineering techniques. Aeronix is often called upon to conduct research and studies for customers, allowing them to focus resources elsewhere without skipping this important step.

Requirements Development – The requirements development process begins with a set of structured, collaborative interactions with both customers and a system's intended users. Knowledge and experience is paramount during this iterative process of refinement. Aeronix brings a wealth of expertise to the process, ensuring a successful outcome for your most challenging programs.

System Specification – Following Requirements Development, needs are translated into requirements statements, and in another iterative process, into detailed engineering specifications. Aeronix has developed system specifications for customers in government and industry.

System Design – Experience counts. Aeronix’s 30+ years of system design spans embedded hardware and software development, in applications ranging from tactical military communications to consumer handheld products, radiation-hardened spacecraft components, high-assurance cryptographic modules, and wireless networking (including 802.16). Aeronix’s proven track record makes us an ideal choice for RF, software or hardware system design.

Reference Design – Aeronix's reference design services save both government and enterprise customers time and resources when launching a new product. Our comprehensive understanding of the technologies, coupled with our low overhead, allow us to precisely define your product's interface and installation characteristics prior to full-scale production.

Prototypes and Proof of Concept – Aeronix’s long history of prototype development reflects a corporate love for laboratory playtime. From test fixtures to miniaturization efforts, from wireless concepts to cryptography, Aeronix engineers have proven their aptitude for turning concepts into contraptions in record time.

AERONIX CUSTOM SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT EXPERIENCE Aeronix’s 30+ years of advanced system engineering has encompassed a wide range of development efforts, including:

Electronics Development

  • Aerospace to Tactical DoD
  • Industrial to Consumer
  • Embedded Processor and DSP
  • RF and Analog
  • MCM, PCB Design
  • Wireless

Microwave and RF Development

  • Receivers and Transmitters
  • Power Amplifiers
  • Calibration and S Parameter De-Embedding
  • 802.11 and 802.16 Wireless Networking
  • Antenna Modeling and Design
  • Software Waveforms

Software Development

  • Firmware, BSP, BIOS, Driver Development
  • DSP Code for Modems, RF, and Audio Decode
  • VxWorks, Linux, pSOS, Nucleus, LynxOS, Windows Applications
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Industry Standard Languages and Tools

ASIC and FPGA Development

  • RAD-Hard ASICs
  • System-on-Chip Design
  • Ultra-Large FPGAs
  • Mixed Signal and Analog

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