SOF ES Systems

Product Details:

SOF systems are modular ESM/ELINT systems for use in manned and unmanned airborne,ground, and shipborne monitoring systems. Their primary function is to detect, identify, locate and track RF signals over wide instantaneous bandwidths. System modularity allows installation of multiple IF channels in a common hardware infrastructure. RF signals are collected at the sensor antennas and converted into multiple IF bands. Each IF band on an SOF system handles an instantaneous bandwidth of >1 GHz and can provide all the classical ELINT data, including bearing on every detected signal within its band. The SOF system relies on proven Finder software operating on an embedded Linux-based single board computer. It includes support for a variety of interfaces (1553, A429, serial, GbE, etc.) for tying into existing platform infrastructure (GPS, INS, network). In also includes support for receiving and decoding AIS messages for monitoring shipping traffic.

Key Features 
RF Capability:

  • Wide RF instantaneous coverage via multiple > 1GHz BW IF receivers

Direction Finding - 3 Options (or combos)

    • ADF - Amplitude comparison bearings from arrays of antennas
      • Per-pulse DF over entire RF range
    • Spinning DF - High RPM spinning antenna determines bearings
      • Bearings limited to spinner bandwidth
    • Cued external DF (e.g. interferometer)
      • Precise bearings, but limited due to narrow instantaneous frequency bandwidth

Pulse Measurement Performance:

  • Pulse Width: 50 ns min, no effective max
  • PRF/PRI: > 1 M pulses per second per band


  • Built-in GPS with disciplined OCXO
  • Can use external GPS/Reference clock

Data/Control Processing:

  • Pulse Descriptor Words (PDWs) / messages built in hardware (SPR XMCs)
  • “Finder” Software algorithms perform deinterleaving/ID/location/tracking on onboard single board computer (QCore i7)
  • Linux OS (RedHat or Centos)
  • Full suite of computer interfaces
  • DVI, USB, Serial, 3xGbE, SATA 3.0
  • Internal or external storage

Other Capabilities:

  • Dual band AIS Receiver
  • COMINT or other SIGINT addons


  • 500 W, 120VAC, 47-440Hz or 24-32VDC


  • ATR w/ Convection/Conduction Cooling
    • ATR w/ full conduction option
    • Rackmount/Convection option
  • Altitude:
    • -100 To 20,000 Feet (Receiver)
    • -100 to 65,000 Feet (Sensors/RFDs)
  • Temp:
    • -40° To 55°C (Receiver)
    • -65° To 65°C (Sensors/RFDs)
  • Vibe: Per MIL-STD 810G, Cat-13

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