Signal Processing Mezzanines

Product Details:

IF, ADF (Analog), and AIS Receiver Mezzanines For SOF ES Systems

The Signal Processing Receiver XMCs are a family of mezzanines that form the core elements of the Aeronix SOF ES (Electronic Support) systems. They combine an application tailored IF/analog signal conditioning front end with a common FPGA‐based backend which provides custom digital signal processing to perform the desired ES (and/or AIS) functions. These mezzanines represent the next step in evolution from the Copperfield 2 series of modular ESM receivers originally developed for the Naval Research Laboratory for use  in RADAR surveillance applications.

Mezzanine Architecture
Each SPR Mezzanine Card contains a custom analog/IF front end and a common digital back end. There are 3 receiver models currently available:

  • Dual IF ES Receiver, each with > 1GHz BW
  • ADF Receiver/Correlator, multiple analog inputs
  • Combined Dual Band AIS Receiver/Single IF ES Receiver

Although the analog/IF front ends are tailored for their purpose, they can be altered to suit specific needs. In addition, the algorithms performed by the highly capable FPGA in the digital back end can also be similarly
customized ‐ contact us for more details.

Available XMCs

  • Dual Wideband IF ES Receiver:
    • Two Channels of > 1 GHz BW
  • ADF Receiver:
    • 16 Differential or single ended analog inputs
    • Generates bearings using signals from multiple DF antennas
    • Correlates measurements to IF data streams (e.g. from IF Mezzanines)
  • AIS/IF ES Receiver:
    • VHF/UHF sampling paths, 125 - 500 MHz
    • Dual channel FPGA based AIS Receiver/Processor
    • Single Channel of > 1 GHz BW
  • Custom IF/RF Mezzanine Design Services
    • Customization of above XMCs
    • Porting ES/AIS algorithms to other existing hardware platforms

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