Product Details:

The NetworkSim™ Windows application provides a software simulation of a Combat Net Radio network comprised of Aeronix modem channels.  All Aeronix software modems – WinIDM™, mobileIDM™, and LinIDM™ as well as AerIDM™ can connect to NetworkSim™ to form a multi-participant VMF tactical data link. With NetworkSim™, tactical application developers can perform extensive range of testing without the use of actual radios.  NetworkSim™ allows for simulating noisy networks and adjusting the range of each channel to simulate imperfect conditions. 

Key Features

  • Windows Application
  • Supports all Aeronix software and hardware IDM solutions
  • Allows creation of 2 to N participant VMF Network
  • Simulates imperfect network conditions
  • Can adjust the transmission range of each participant

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