LAW Network Radio

Product Details:

The LAW-NR is a dual use industrial and defense software defined wireless networking radio.  In its rack mount configuration, it provides wireless networking capability using the Tactical 802.16 LAW waveform. It can be rack, vehicle, or pole mounted. It is interoperable with the current Inc 2 LAW radio, provides point-to-point and point-to-multipoint  network capability for up to 21 nodes for a total aggregate user throughput of up to 45Mbps. 


The LAW-NR provides the operational capabilities:

  • A high throughput, low latency wireless network for vehicle-to-vehicle, air-to-ground, and backhaul operational needs
  • Supports backward interoperability with the existing Aeronix LAW / Tactical 802.16 product family
  • Supports forward interoperability with Aeronix emerging Android handheld tablets and EDL small form factor UAV/SUGV radios 
  • TRANSEC and data encryption through AES algorithm with 256 bit key
  • Improved operation in high multi-path urban environments due to combined ACM modulation management and automated TX/RX attenuation
  • Improved voice quality due to QoS support for voice prioritization across the enterprise network
  • Improved operation in noisy environments
  • Flexible platform integration capability
  • System includes wireless radio, 2W power amplifier, OMNI antenna

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