Model: AE103473-001

Product Details:

The Aeronix Gigabit Ethernet Switch (GES) NXT-28 is a MIL-Qualified 28-port Ethernet Switch equipped with four 10G ports and twenty-four 1G ports. It is for use in commercial, industrial, and military applications that require ultra-high data transfer rates in a self-contained ruggedized package. The rugged design requires no forced air or conductive cooling, operating in a broad range of harsh environments including uninhabited aircraft bays.

The NXT-28 is a fully managed Layer 2/3 router with the capability of customer specific configurations. The configurations are stored in non-volatile memory and loaded at startup to fulfill application specific requirements. All configurations are authenticated.

Enhanced Features

  • Time-Sensitive Networking (Deterministic Ethernet)
    • Low latency, Highest QoS, Assured bandwidth
    • GCIA 2.0 ready
  • PTPv2 (IEEE-1588 and 802.1as)
    • Grandmaster (GM) capable via external GPS
    • Phase lock to GM in less than 20 secs
    • Jitter from GM less than 100 ns
  • Secure Boot, Secure Update, Secure Config
    • HW ASIC-enforced using asymmetric ECDSA P384
    • Rescue via TOTP
  • Enhanced Built-In Test (Startup, Periodic, Initiated)
    • Time-Domain Reflectometry cable test
    • MAC Bouncing (spoofing) detection
  • Store and Forward (default), Cut-through
  • Port and Flow Mirroring, Jumbo frames
  • Monitoring alarms through SNMP or JSON-RPC
  • Hardware & Software Zeroize
  • Boot Time < 90s
  • Tri-Color Power/status LED
  • Hardware-based geo-strapping startup configurations

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