Commercial Communication Electronics Design, Development, and Test

Product Details:

Aeronix is an experienced developer of Commercial Standard qualified products.  Aeronix performs full lifecycle designs making use of Commercial Standards starting with stakeholder needs, requirements, design, development, test, and qualification culminating in qualified manufactured product.  Aeronix systems include customer avionics, airborne entertainment systems, Ethernet switches, and customer unique solutions, these all include the application of commercial standards to cutting edge electronic designs and their enclosures.  Aeronix applies over thirty years of creativity to your products.

Commercial Qualified Product Standards

  • DO-160D: Environmental
  • DO-167: Reliability
  • IPxx: Protection Marking
  • FIPS & NIST: Various commercial grade security standards
  • FCC: Various electronic certifications          

Also see our Military Design experience as we have extensive experience in the Military Standards and Processes.

Communication related Capabilities and Experience:

  • Waveform Development and Modification
    • LAW, 802.11, 3G GMSK,  Mil Std 188-220
    • JTRS Access to SRW, WNW, SINCGARS, TSV, HF, and MUOS
  • Software Reprogrammable Product Development
    • ARMY WIN-T Law Radio
    • Small Form Factor Digital Data Link (~4cubic inches)
    • Mil Std Advanced Networking Radio
    • Maritime and Oil targeted LRDL high power data link
    • IDM, VMF:   Modems, parsers, and software only solutions
  • Hardware Design
    • RF Receiver circuit design from 0 to 20 GHz
    • Transceiver design 1.8-2.5 GHz, 4.6-5.0 GHz, 40 GHz, 60 GHz
    • Power Supply design to Mil Stds 704, 1275
  • Software
    • C, C++, Java, HTML, Python
    • Linux, LynOS, Integrity, Nucleus,
    • Extensive GUI / Human Interface development
    • Complete IP Stack capability
    • High speed data processing
  • Communication System
    • Antenna selection, frequency planning, CONOPs
    • Cosite Analysis and Mitigation
  • Signal Processing
    • Digital Filters, Detectors and Corellators
    • Modulation, Demodulation and Coding
    • Multi-carrier, DSSS and MSK equalization
    • SISO, MIMO, MRC technology
    • Video Compression
  • Security
    • Red Black Isolation
    • Crypto Embedment
    • Certification and Accreditation
    • Policy definition


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