Type 1 Secure Systems Design, Development, and Test

Product Details:

Aeronix has over 30 years’ experience in secure system designs.  These systems range from cryptographic ASICS to red-black separated Software Defined Radios to cross domain gigabit Ethernet switches.  Aeronix has worked with both DoD Type 1 based requirements, Common Criteria Requirements, and commercially relevant FIPS and NIST requirements.  This experience not only reflects our knowledge of the requirements of various standards and certification processes, but it also contains the implementation capabilities for secure hardware and software systems ensuring secure operation. 

General Applications 

  • Software Defined Radios - High speed secure communications
  • Classic Red Black Separation
  • Multiple Independent Levels of Security Concepts
  • Multiple Levels of Security Designs
  • Cross Domain Solutions
  • Suite A and Suite B Cryptographic Designs

Security Design Processes

  • NSA Type 1 Designs
  • FIPS-140
  • Tempest Designs
  • Secure Coding Experience for both Processors and FPGA Solutions
  • IEEE 12207 SW Lifecycle Documentation

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