Reprogrammable Key Management and Crypto Control

Product Details:

Aeronix’s Key Manager and Crypto Colntrol solution was designed for High Assurance Type 1 certification.  The Aeronix Key manager consists of software designed to run on multiple processors and FGPA logic that ensures proper operation of the key management software.  The key manager software has been implemented on state of the art FPGA SOCs and discrete multi-processor hardware designs.  The Crypto Control allows multi-algorithm, multi-level use of legacy and modern cryptographic algorithms.

General Applications – Stand alone devicesIP Encryptors, Link Encryptors, Software Defined Radio JTRS Radios:

  • Legacy Encyption and Decryption
  • IP Encryptors - High speed secure IP communications
  • Link Encryptors – capable of supporting synchronized serial commmunications
  • Software Defined Radios – supports legacy and modern key types, large quantity keys, reprogrammable

Key Features

  • Secure boot
  • Red and Black Keying
  • DS-101 Key Fill
  • Key Wrap and Unwrap
  • Certificate Support
  • Random Number Generator
  • Black Key Storage
  • High Assurance
  • Multi-Level Capable
  • Elliptical Math Acceleration
  • Large Integer Math Acceleration
  • SHA-2 functions
  • Audit
  • High Assurance BIT/POST

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