Protocol Analyzer

Product Details:

The Aeronix Protocol Analyzer is a Windows software application that provides the capability to fully decode any captured VMF TDL message traffic.  The decoded data displays a summary of every over-the-air transmission, as well as a detailed decoding of the received data, down to the bit-level.  All transmissions are logged with a timestamp that records the transmission time with millisecond accuracy.  Annotations can be made to the recorded data to comment on the message traffic.  Recorded data, with the comments, is exportable to both XML and HTML formats.

The Aeronix Protocol Analyzer can process data in real-time received by all Aeronix modems, including WinIDM™, mobileIDM™, LinIDM™, and AerIDM™.  The power of the Aeronix Protocol Analyzer to decode data down to the bit-level is invaluable for requirements verification, testing, and integration.

The Aeronix Protocol Analyzer provides the bearer protocol test functionality of the U.S. DACAS DVMT test tool.

Through its XML-RPC server capability, it is possible for external scripts to process recorded traffic for automated testing environments.  The U.S. DACAS DVMT test tool exploits this key feature to efficiently evaluate digital message exchanges for conformance to Coordinated Implementation (CI) rules.

Key Features

  • Layer–by–Layer decoding
  • Bit–Level detail
  • Data annotation with comments
  • System Logging
  • Exports to XML and HTML
  • Millisecond timestamp accuracy
  • Error highlighting
  • Third Party Control via XML-RPC supports automated bearer level testing

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