Model: AE102438-002

Product Details:

GES MLS: Ruggedized Multi-Level Security Switch  

The Aeronix Multi-Level Security (MLS) Gigabit Ethernet Switch (GES) provides twelve Tri-speed Ethernet ports for use in commercial, industrial, and military applications that require ultra-high data transfer rates in a self-contained ruggedized package with the added capability of security enforcement for multiple levels of security in a single switch. 

The MLS is a managed layer 2 switch with the capability of customer specific configurations. The management functions are stored in non-volatile memory for fixed configurations, or loaded at startup for application specific requirements. The GES MLS utilizes a small footprint OS which is advantageous for security conscious applications. No Ethernet data is stored in onboard processor RAM.

The MLS enables the replacement of individual Ethernet switches per security classification with one Switch.

Key Features:

    • 12 ports, Tri-Speed 10/100/1000
    • Multiple Levels of Security
    • Hardware enforcement of red black separation
    • Up to 16 distinct security levels
    • Signatures on Software Loads and Configuration
    • Internal memory sanitization and switch flush modes
    • Auto-MDI/MDIX and polarity correction
    • Serial Command Line Interface
    • DO-160G
    • Mil-Std-704D
    • Mil-Std-810G Environmental
    • -40C to + 55C operating
    • Altitude to 40,000 feet
    • Power Consumption <25 watts="" --25--="">

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