Combat Net Radio Interface (CNRI)

Product Details:

The CNRI provides rugged USB to radio data port solution for avionics and vehicular installations.  A combination of WinIDM and the CNRI cable provides U.S. Air National Guard F-16 aircraft with a DaCAS CCB Coordinated Implementation compliant VMF capability.  It supports a wide variety of combat net radios that require a digital sync/serial interface.  It provides a low-cost alternative for avionics that can employ Aeronix software modem technology. 

Key Features

  • Channels: 2
  • Modular 38999 connectors at both USB-side and radio-side
  • Power: USB (requires 800 mW)
  • Radio Data Interfaces Supported: Sync/Serial
  • Attractive SWaP for UAS/UAV market
    • 5 oz.
    • < 800 mW
    • 1.365”H x 2.00”W x 5.375”D

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