Aeronix VMF over CNR General Training

Product Details:

Unlike our core products training, the Aeronix VMF over CNR General Training is product-agnostic. It is ideal for larger-audience military/industrial training needs.  The training systematically develops a working vocabulary and deep insight into the VMF over CNR data link.  This in-depth knowledge gained by this training is useful for all stakeholders, ranging from military platform planners, procurement managers, avionics/ground system architects, mission planners, tactical officers, and industry business developers.

Originally created for the Australian Defense Forces, this training is now a part of the ADF Master Class curriculum.  Aeronix has conducted this training annually in Canberra since 2012.  The trainers are all Aeronix engineers that have many years working within the U.S. Digitally-Aided Close Air Support community.


  • 2-Day Training at Your Venue
    • International – consider two venues within one week time slot to maximize audience
  • Unlimited students for one price
  • Simulated Network Examples
  • Curriculum Highlights:
    • Introduction to VMF over CNR TDL
    • Introduction to MIL-STD-6017
    • Introduction to MIL-STD-2045-47001
    • Introduction to MIL-STD-188-220
    • Terminal Phase CAS Fundamentals
    • Troubleshooting VMF Communications
    • Special Topics
    • Tailorable

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