Aeronix to Conduct VMF Training at IDLS 2018

Aeronix to Conduct VMF Training at IDLS 2018

Melbourne, Florida, May 9, 2018   The International Data Link Society (IDLSoc) has selected Aeronix to provide

Introduction to Variable Message Format (VMF) over Combat Net Radio (CNR)

training as part of the Training Day at International Data Link Symposium (IDLS) 2018 conference in San Diego.  The IDLS 2018 is scheduled for 29 October through 01 November; the Training Day is Monday, 29 October.  The one-day training syllabus can be found at IDLS Aeronix VMF Training.

 Aeronix is a world-wide leader in Improved Data Modem (IDM) and VMF-based Tactical Data Link technology.  Aeronix has been a major contributor to the VMF over CNR community since 2004.  Aeronix produces a broad array of VMF/MIL-STD-188-220 products and related technical services to support the U.S. and coalition Digitally-aided Close Air Support (DaCAS) / Digitally-aided Fire Support (DaFS) communities.


About Aeronix

Aeronix (www.aeronix.com) is a small business, employee-owned, products and services organization based in the high-tech hub of Florida's Space Coast with a satellite office in Greenville, SC.  Established in 1985, Aeronix successfully transformed from a small technical services company to a turnkey products company with multiple, growing business areas.  These product lines provide sophisticated electronics and software systems, most packaged to survive in rugged and EMI-sensitive environments.  Each independent business area provides not only a wide range of products, but also the small-business agility to customize these products to meet your special requirements.



Additional Business Areas

Electronic Support Measures (ESM)    Modular Products utilized used in airborne, ground, and shipborne monitoring systems for the highly accurate detection, tracking, and identification of RF signals.

Gigabit Ethernet Switching (GES)       Rugged Gigabit Ethernet Switching and Routing equipment with thousands of units fielded in multiple military and commercial aircraft and ground vehicles.

Radio Communications and Security (COMMS)    The product line includes Software Defined Radios (SDR), Software Defined Data Links, Cryptographic Solutions, Network Enabled Devices, and Communication enabled systems.

Contact: Tony Bils

IDM / VMF Business Area Leader


Mobile  321-480-7858



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