Engineering Technician

Position Details:

Engineering Technician

Entry level Electrical Technician with good potential to take on advanced challenges.

BS or AS in Engineering Technology or equivalent with Electrical Engineering concentration with a broad foundation of theoretical and practical knowledge in the areas of electrical and electronics circuits.

Basic Initial Skills:

  • Basic understanding of electronic circuits
  • Good soldering skills
    • Ability to solder fine pitch parts
    • Training to IPC J-STD class 3
  • Ability to follow wiring diagrams to assemble cables and electronic assemblies
  • Good troubleshooting skills (logical and methodical thorough processes)

 Advanced Skills (must be willing and capable of learning with training/mentoring):

  • Circuit analysis and debugging/repair
  • Schematic capture and layout of electronic circuits
  • Software programming
  • Manufacturing automation

Aeronix is looking for a candidate with significant potential to contribute beyond simple technician tasks (soldering, assembly, etc) to become a contributing member of the engineering team.  The upside potential of the position is virtually unlimited in the challenges that they can choose to take on.  We are looking for that special person who likes to try new things and continue to learn.

Daily tasks would initially be testing, repair and modifications of electronic printed circuit board assemblies under the direction of an engineer.  Future potential includes writing software to automate testing, designing simple electronic circuits and assemblies, performing CAD design of electronic circuits using schematics and layout tools to produce PCB and PCBAs.  Future tasks could include supporting IT with the company computers and network equipment, programming and managing the phone system.

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