VICE PRESIDENT OF RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT Steve Iezzi leads a team of talented engineering professionals in the Design, Development and Qualification of Aeronix Products targeted for military and high reliability environments.  Mr. Iezzi is a subject matter expert in power conversion, analog electronics, digital signal processing (DSP), communications systems and space electronics. Steve is active in all Aeronix product lines as a consultant, engineering lead and designer.

Steve led the team for the first radio product at Aeronix in 2004.  After thirteen years of innovation, Aeronix has developed, produced and sold several radio products, digital waveforms and communications systems for ground, airborne and space-based applications.  Our Nano EDL radio is a leader in miniaturized SDR technology.

Steve worked with the GES team to develop the 3rd generation Ethernet switch and router series, a rugged state-of-the-art product line, and the first military router with 10 Gigabit copper capabilities.

Steve worked with the Combat Net Radio team to develop a line of hardware modems to complement Aeronix' software modems, protocol suites and training.  The latest IDM302V is designed to replace an existing modem with modern protocol capability, lower power and better reliability.

Steve leads the team developing the Precision Guided Rocket Launcher Electronics Suite, a set of electronics for the GATR guided missile program.  This suite emulates and replaces the Hellfire Missile System for the Blackhawk and Apache helicopter platforms providing a simple upgrade to 70 mm guided missile technology.  Steve also serves as a subject matter expert for the GATR prime contractor.

Steve joined Aeronix in 1989. Prior to joining Aeronix, he was employed by RCA Government Systems, Harris Corporation and DBA Systems.  Steve has BSEE degree from Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA.

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