VICE PRESIDENT OF ADVANCED PROGRAMS  Geoff Miller has been with Aeronix since 2001 and has recently joined the Board of Directors in 2017.  As Vice President of Advanced Programs, Mr. Miller pursues challenging, cutting-edge, small to large contract opportunities with the commercial, DoD, and DoD prime entities in the United States and abroad.  Additionally Mr. Miller works to provide direction of Communication and Information Assurance product requirements with guidance for overall product goals.

Mr. Miller developed his leadership skills from past performance as a Software Lead, System Engineer, Project Engineer, Program Manager, Capture Manager, and Business Development roles ranging across contract services to state-of-the-art electronic designs.  Mr. Miller continues to perform System Engineer, Capture Manager, and Business Devlopment duties in his current position.  Projects have included Type 1 High Assurance Cryptographic designs, Type 1 legacy and modern algorithm development, cross domain systems, and software defined radios for Unmanned Vehicles and large DoD platforms.  The common threads among the Advanced Programs being high pressure, working at the edge of Technology (and all the issues associated), and fast paced management.

Before joining Aeronix, Mr. Miller worked as an engineer on Cellular Basestation control software and high assurance Satellite Flight Software for Airnet and Software Technology Incorporated. Mr. Miller has a Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering and a Masters Degree in Computer Engineering.

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