Electronic Support Measures

Aeronix currently offers a host of Electronic Support Measures (ESM) and ELINT systems, customizable at the module, component, chassis, waveform, and system level for U.S. Department of Defense and approved international partners. For use in airborne UAVs, ground, and shipborne monitoring systems, ESM systems detect, track, and identify pulsed RF signals. System modularity allows installation of multiple IF channels in a common hardware infrastructure, usually rack-mountable.

  • FinderPlus – a re-packaged variant of the Finder and FinderLite Systems, the FinderPlus combines the Finder Server, RF Receiver, and Drives Unit into a single chassis. This re-packaging results in a significant decrease in total system weight, the elimination of many interconnecting cables, and an increase in overall system reliability. The FinderPlus system has 100% of Finder capabilities yet is significantly smaller and lighter.

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