Design and Development Services from Concept to Production

Aeronix is a small business with a history of solving complicated real world problems for our commercial, government, and defense customers via development of custom electronic system and software solutions.  Aeronix strives to provide competitive advantage to our customers via leverage of Aeronix intellectual property, available embedded solutions, and custom  electronics hardware and software design.  Our design services encompass the full breath of engineering expertise required for product specification, development, prototype, demonstration, test, manufacture, and deployment.    

Aeronix  defense equipment and software solutions have been deployed in defense space satellite, military aircraft, UAV, on-the-move military vehicles, and handheld ground applications.

Aeronix commercial equipment solutions address a broad range of  industrial, medical, vending, handheld, and consumer digital media applications.

Aeronix provides communications, networking, Electronics Support Measures, and general technical design services in the areas of: 

  • SDR (Software Defined Radio) wireless network waveforms and equipment  for the enablement of high mobility air and ground networks with high-speed video, voice, and data

  • Industry compatible commercial wireless networking systems

  • Cellular subscriber handheld and industrial equipment solutions

  • Combat Net Radio and MIL-STD-188-220/VMF tactical communications for the enablement of digital data transmission between existing military radio equipment

  • Ethernet switch solutions for incorporation of high speed networks into specialized and embedded applications 

  • Information security including IP Cryptography, Information Assurance, and commercial NIST certified applications

  • Electronic Support Measures for the battlefield critcal signal detection and charicterization

  • Customer unique hardware solutions requiring digital electronics, FPGA, digital signal processing, and RF design

  • Customer unique software application, driver, and OS solutions 


Aeronix is a government-approved, DCAA-audited small business, Aeronix boasts a lean staff of highly-qualified engineers, ready and able to solve the industry’s toughest problems. 

If you can dream it, we can help you build it.

For over two decades, Aeronix has provided leading-edge products and engineering services to the defense, aerospace, and industrial electronics industries. Aeronix solves tough technical problems on time and on budget.

Aeronix Delivers Solutions: Communications, Information Security, Electronic Intelligence

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