Aeronix VMF and CNR Tools and Applications

 Network Simulator:  NetSim is a Windows-based application that provides a software simulation of a Combat Net Radio network.
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IDM Workbench IDM workbench provides complete host emulation for operating any of the Symetrics IDM products, including WinIDM, Mini IDM, WDL IDM, and the IDM 501. With IDM workbench, users are able to perform early integration efforts, as well as exercise IDM products in a lab environment without relying on fully-developed host / OFP software. Read more>>


VMF TDL Protocol Analyzer:  The VMF TDL Protocol Analyzer provides the capability to fully decode any captured VMF TDL message traffic. The decoded data displays a summary of every over-the-air transmission, as well as a detailed decoding of the received data, down to the bit-level. The VMF TDL Protocol Analyzer can process data recorded by a U-ROC or Mini IDM operating in promiscuous monitor mode, or data recorded by the NetSim application interfacing to WinIDM. Read more>>


VMF Intelligent Parser Provides end-user a rapid-application VMF message processing core. Read more>>

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