Soldier IDM for Mobile Computing

The Soldier IDM is a ruggedized, small, lightweight, and modular Improved Data Modem. Dismounted forces can use the Soldier IDM with a tactical computer/device, such as a Laptop, Tablet, or Smart Phone, and a Combat Net Radio (UHF/VHF/SINCGARS) to perform their DACAS/Fires missions. 

Its modular design supports interface flexibility on both the host-side (USB) and the radio-side (synchronous data) through adapter cables. The Soldier IDM supports two fully-independent radio channels, so only one modem is required to provide multiple data link solutions. 

The Soldier IDM core executes Aeronix’ WinIDM dual-channel software modem for its VMF/AFAPD/TACFIRE/MTS waveform solutions. For VMF networks, WinIDM also implements XNPv2 and MIL-STD-2045-47001 Segmentation/Reassembly. Alternatively, Soldier IDM can serve as a Sync-Serial interface to a CNR allowing other waveforms to be utilized. 

As a full-service, small business engineering firm, Aeronix can nimbly adapt to meet your specific form factor requirements. 

Portability and Usability

  • Adds data communications to Man-Pack platforms, or any USB-capable platform.
  • Low USB Power Levels < 1W Max (typical 0.5W).
  • Lightweight: Approx. 5 oz.
  • USB 2.0 On-The-Go dual function port.
  • Capable of operating as a USB host or a USB device.
  • While operating as a USB host, can route external 5V power source to charge a Tablet / smart phone.

Modular Host/Radio Connectors:

  • Each channel of the Soldier IDM features a ruggedized, modular connector to provide the flexibility needed to allow a single modem to interface to a wide variety of radios and host devices.
  • Modular Radio Connectors can be made available for any currently fielded synchronous data port radio.
  • 1 USB OTG Port, 1 Power Port (for host device charging), 2 Radio Ports

Protocol Analyzer Compatible: The Soldier IDM can be connected to a laptop operating the
Aeronix Protocol Analyzer to test your MIL-STD-188-220 interoperability.

Key Features

  • USB 2.0 On the Go 
  • Charging Port for Connected Smart Phones 
  • Full Linux OS 
  • Supports any Linux USB protocol standard drivers 
  • RNDIS/ETH-GADGET Driver Interface 
  • WinIDM-Integrated 
  • Dual Channel 
  • CESMO-Compatible 
  • DACAS Block 1 Compatible 
  • DVMT Compatible 

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