Moving Your Machine Status to Your IoT Cloud and Giving you Instant Control


The Aeronix M2M-1000-V edge device is a Verizon certified CDMA/GPS sensor management and control unit with flexible and secure cloud-based monitoring and configuration capabilities.  In combination with the  Aeronix Machine2Cloud Management Server an ecosystem is enabled with the ability to quickly and seamlessly manage an array of geographically remote M2M  based sensors for your commercial, industrial, agricultural or military applications.


ACT machine control applications can be implemented used the ACT device shown above, re-packaged into environmentally sealed enclosures, or implemented as embedded electronics into your end system.  Aeronix is here to help.


110mm x 55mm x 30mm rugged, aluminum enclosure
175mm x 90mm x 40mm IP67 rated plastic enclosure
Soft On/Off button, Status LED’s, USB charging port, Sensor interface

Cellular Network

Verizon CDMA network


L1 band, Assisted-GPS, Anti-jamming, Active antenna


CDMA: Internal cabled PCB antenna, external low profile whip options
GPS: Internal or external cabled high gain active patch


3-Axis, ±2g precision

Temperature Sensor

Internal -25°C to 65°C

Battery / Power

1600mA Li-Po long life, rechargeable battery with protection circuitry
5V 1A Micro USB port for charging (typical 1-2 hour charge time)
Battery monitoring and status

Sensor Interface

RS232/422/485, analog inputs, analog output, digital output


Operating -20°C to +60°C
Storage -40°C to +85°C
IP67 rated for plastic enclosure option (including ports)

Supported Sensors

AC Current sensing:       0-20A, ±2%, CR Magnetics current probe
Temperature:                  0-50°C , ±2% (additional temp. ranges available)
Passive IR:                       12m range, Panasonic PIR sensor
Airflow:                            0-3m/s, MEMS based Omron sensor


FCC, IC compliant
Verizon (OD Device)

Application Software

Web based dashboard for configuration and monitoring
Set threshholds, check-in times, alerts
Notification via SMS texts or email alerts
Dashboard customization service available

For more information download our datasheet -  PDF Product Datasheet


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