Company History

Engineering Innovation Since 1985

AN ENVIABLE TRACK RECORD For over twenty years, Aeronix has provided a full range of products and advanced engineering development services to the aerospace, defense, and communications industries.  Aeronix began providing services to the commercial wireless, semiconductor, and computer electronics markets in 1999.

CURRENT FOCUS AREAS Aeronix’ early focus on aerospace systems and later integration of high volume, low cost computer systems expertise situated us at the forefront of technologies necessary for the delivery of  high performance, low power, small form factor, 

  • Electronic Support Measures (ESM) equipment and applications
  • High performance networking and communications equipment and applications
  • Information security including high assurance cryptographic modules
  • Space based technologies- including radiation hardened devices 

If you can dream it, we can help you build it.

For over two decades, Aeronix has provided leading-edge products and engineering services to the defense, aerospace, and industrial electronics industries. Aeronix solves tough technical problems on time and on budget.

Aeronix Delivers Solutions: Communications, Information Security, Electronic Intelligence

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